Our programs and services


Our programs and services


Getting a dog is a big decision. Our programs and services are designed to help you from puppy to full grown pooch. 


In Home Services

In Home Services


 Pre-Puppy Purchase Counselling


Is this a good decision, at this time, for your family?

Discussion of breed or type

How to assess temperament and the litter

How a pup can impact the family

Home preparation

Family commitment

Financial commitment

Making a smooth transition for the pup from the source to your home

I am prepared to answer your questions by phone as you go through your research


New puppy consultation


I have the puppy, now what do I do?

Problem solving (i.e. chewing, nipping, jumping up, etc)

 House training, scheduling for rest, exercise and teaching the pup to cope with being left.

Teaching families to teach their pup the basics to come, sit, down, stand and heel.

Games that are appropriate

Puppy development

Emotional and physiological development

Forming good household and outdoor habits

Phone follow-ups are welcomed


Behaviour Problem solving consultations


My dog has problems, what do I do?

Recent and long term problems addressed

Counseling to understand why

Dynamics of the family are considered

Evaluating options 

Recommendations to solve the problem yourselves

Preventing re-occurrence

Shaping a good canine citizen

Easy access to support by phone call if needed


Private obedience


One on one or with family.  Programs designed to cover the basics with your personal needs in mind.  Let us help you form your own personal neighbourhood classes.


Tellington Touch

Please phone Sally Chambers directly at 604-986-2355