Our Programs


Our Programs



Focus: Socializing with other puppies and people while learning good basic commands. 

Prerequisites: 11 – 20 weeks as of the start date.  (2nd vaccine required)

One of the most critical influences on your puppy’s development is its life experiences at an early age.  The involvement of family at this time is crucial to ensuring a long term healthy relationship.  Your family’s involvement prepares the puppy for success within our community.  Puppy Kindergarten provides a positive and safe environment for your family to train and interact with your puppy.   All family members are encouraged to participate.  (Children under school age must be accompanied by an additional adult)  The course is structured in such a way that all members will have fun teaching basic commands and learning new skills.  The course includes a structured play time for puppies to enhance their social skills.  We are cognizant of age, size and temperament of each puppy and carefully monitor their play.  Your puppy will also have an opportunity to interact with the other families and our team.  Bring your camera and sense of humour.



Focus: To learn basic obedience, leash training, and shaping a good canine citizen.

Prerequisites:    20 weeks or older as of the start date.  (Current vaccines)

Older dogs welcome

If your puppy is between 5 months and 1 year old it is in the most difficult stage of development.  Your dog is independent, sometimes destructive and a non-thinking enthusiastic teenager.  Your family’s involvement is a must to maintain your dog’s success.   The knowledge and experience of our instructors creates a class environment which is sensitive to breed, type, and temperament of your dog.  Consideration is given to those dogs, regardless of age, that may be new to you (shelter, SPCA, pound, or previously owned dogs).  This program is also structured to help you make the continuous commitment required to survive your dog’s teenage stage.  All family members are welcome, but to ensure the success of your dog we encourage one handler initially.  This handler could be a responsible child.


Advanced Beginners

Focus: Introduction to more advanced obedience skills and progressing to off leash.

Prerequisites: Must have completed a beginner level course.

Now that your dog has the basics, let’s apply those skills to everyday situations.  Without re-enforcement your dog’s basic obedience skills may fade.  Advanced Beginners not only helps to solidify your dog’s previous training but also introduces them to more advanced obedience.  Some outdoor sessions (weather permitting) will give you and your dog the opportunity to learn safe polite behaviour when interacting in our community.  It is important that this be a fun and relaxed experience for your dog.  Many of the activities include participation in challenging exercises, distractions, games, and obstacles.  The course is not necessarily set but is based on the students’ individual needs.



The canine good neighbour program is a non competitive 12 step test that allows us to identify and reward responsible caring owners and their dogs.  A canine good neighbour can be counted on to have good manners at home, public places and in the presence of other dogs!  Dogs are evaluated on their ability to perform basic obedience and good manners in everyday situations.  This is a fun and rewarding program, and is often a prerequisite for anyone wanting a therapy or visiting dog.  Your dog must be in good health and be licensed in the city or district you reside.  Upon passing all 12 tests you will receive a rosette and a certificate from the Canadian Kennel Club.